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Question: How to Concept of Competitive Strategy has Derived? Answer: Introducation: Strategies can be defined as the desired tactics used by many of the well known firms in order to enhance their work processes (Cummings Worley, 2014). From the art of the war of the SUNTZU, the concept of the strategy has been derived. As per this art of the war if the battle is to win then it is said that the strategy was good and if the battle is lost then it is said that the strategy was not good. The strategy is mainly the methods or the plan that an organization implies to get a better future of the organization. For example, the strategy helps to solve any issues that are arising in the organization and also it help to achieve the goal of the organization. The strategy has been derived from the Greek word, where the STRATOS mean the army and the ago mean leading or guiding the group. So it can be said that strategy means to lead or to guide the group of people or organization with a plan and new ideas. For an organization, a strategy is a plan that helps the member of the org anization to move forward and to achieve the goal of the organization. It is very helpful for the managers of the firm to make a plan for the requirements of the organization and also to meet the requirements of the customers. The most common strategy of the organizations is to reduce their product cost for the customers (Simons, 2013). If the organization is able to establish a good strategy then that organization is liable to achieve profit in the future. For the organization, the strategic plan took almost a year to complete the plan of action. Now it is known what is strategy and this helps the researcher to understand the strategy plan of the organization Allergen Australia Ptv. Ltd. in a better way. This company is the pharmaceutical company of Australia and they use different and new strategies to increase the sale of the organization (Ward Peppard, 2016). Their one of the strategy is that the people for the marketing will visit the local physicians and tell them about the quality of the products; actually, their strategy is to build the brand awareness among the local doctors. The representative of the organization visited the local healthcare systems so that they can sell the products of the organization. Their one more strategy is to provide a discount on the products so that it becomes very easy to sell the products. They implemented the strategy of selling their products by online and this helps them to gain more profit by selling through online. They have much more strategies like this that help them to grow in t he future and also to earn the profit for the organization. Actually, the main strategy of the organization is to give the best quality of medicines to the customers and also to take the most of the shares of different companies to grow in the market. Business Innovation Model Business innovation model is the concept that is used to support the financial system of the organization with innovative concepts to bring out the final result of the organization (Massa Tucci, 2013). The business innovation model main objective is to be more conscious about the revenue of the organizational sources by improving quality and value of the services that is provided by the organization to their customers. The business model with the innovation is helpful for the organization to maintain their position in the market. In the recent time innovation has become the important aspect for the organization to maintain their position in the market. With the help of the innovation, any organization is able to decrease the production cost and also they are able to maintain their market position by maintaining their customers (Gobble, 2014). For example, the company Apple Inc. is the company who is known for creating innovative ideas and designs for their products and for this reas on they have a large number of customers and also their market position is very good. With the help of the innovation, any organization can increase the stock of the company and also it helps the organization to maintain the price of the product. Dell also uses the innovative business model to increase their rate of sale and also to increase the customers for their products. For the organization, it is very important to know the use of the innovative idea and an innovative idea has to be unique to apply in the organization. If the idea is unique and new then only it will work for the organization (Tucci Massa, 2013). The innovative ideas of the organization have to be of the best quality and also have very good technology knowledge so that it can be helpful for the organization to achieve success in the market. The innovative ideas of the organization have to be in such a way that the organization stays away from the fringe of the market. The innovative idea or the innovation busin ess model is very much important for the organizations to get the establishment in the market with new ideas and also it helps the organization to maintain the customers. The organizations now use many innovative ideas to hold their market position and also to increase their number of customers (Amit Zott, 2012). In Australia, the agriculture company Grain Crop Ltd. implements new innovative ideas to provide the best quality of products and services to their customers. The company had started their online sale and also they have the innovative idea for the customers that if they are not satisfied with the products then can return the product and the company will exchange the products for the customers. The innovative ideas of the organization are that they are the first one to think about that idea and for the company; the return of the product is very innovative for the customers and also for the company. The innovation business model helps the organization to create powerful brand image among the market and the customers. References Amit, R. and Zott, C., 2012. Creating value through business model innovation.MIT Sloan Management Review,53(3), p.41. Cummings, T.G., and Worley, C.G., 2014.Organization development and change. Cengage learning. Davenport, T.H., 2013.Process innovation: reengineering work through information technology. Harvard Business Press. Gobble, M.M., 2014. 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