Friday, December 6, 2019

Cleaning Area of Medical Equipment †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Cleaning Area of Medical Equipment. Answer: Introduction: A contaminated area is a place where all the dirty surgical items and other equipment are sent in boxes. Items are regularly physically checked to confirm that they are at their right place. Equipment in this field flows in one direction. Items used for the survey are sent for quality cleaning according to their priority. To avoid contamination, doorways are appropriately sterilized. No one can enter into the cleaning premises before showing their identification card. Even, the workers have to show their ID cards. Sterile and contaminated medical instruments are always kept in different boxes. All the sterile items are transferred into the clean place so they can again used in multiple medical procedures. Various kind of rubbish material is thrown in the garbage, and all the sharps instrument first put in the boxes and then sent for the process of disposition. Scrubber signed this process. The labels are used to find their actual status, i.e., prior or post-surgery. Date, patient nam e, and signature are written on the label. Delicate items are separated from solid ones. Items that cannot handle the pressure of disinfectants are manually cleaned. Before putting in a tray, contaminated items are sprayed by a disinfectant. The equipment that is used at the time of abdomen surgery is washed in a particular place and by a different procedure. Machine and manual process are two methods of cleaning and disinfection. Mostly, machine procedure is used because it takes around one hour. In this process, the first step is rinse; second is a wash using disinfectant and last in drying thermally. Ultrasound is used for cleaning unreachable areas. The ultrasound work through a generator that creates energy that makes vacuum to clean the objects. Multiple chemicals are used in producing plastics. There are various stages in a machine which cleans the plastic. Index washer is the first chamber which includes two minutes pre-rinse with tap water. For next five minutes, it is wash ed at a temperature of 60 with an enzymatic solution, and then it is rinsed using mineral water. After that, the equipment proceeds to ultra-sonic, where it stays for six minutes. Then the object is dried after using thermal disinfection. It is necessary to ensure that your hands are cleaned after visiting the contaminated area. Cleaning or sterilized area Before performing surgery, a bunch of items is sent to the operators, and they counter check and pack such items before sending it back to the hospital. Operator ensures that equipment is clean and sterilized before sending them back to the hospital. After checking the items, operator provides that tray is ready to use and items are available to wrap. There is a specific procedure of packaging such equipment; the wrapping material allows the steam to release and pass through. Linen is used in covering the heavy loads.

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